The problem with atheists? The need to be RIGHT…they are just as annoyingly fundamentalist in their views as any Christian and feel the need to push it on others usually in a highhanded and insulting way.  Not only do they want to be right they need others who believe otherwise to see that they are WRONG AND FOOLISH.
Doubt that? Then change the word atheist for Christian and it is probably exactly what you think of them.
Personally I think neither view is worth the effort of condemnation of others…many many sins have been done in the name of belief, both religious and atheistic.
I am Apatheistic – apathetic to theistic issues, pro or con… unlike religious or atheistic fundamentalists I do not assume that anyone side is right, I do not actually care about burden of proof or power of faith.  My only concern is that other people’s beliefs do not infringe on my rights or the rights of others and this includes other people’s right to practice their own faith …or not practice without persecution or condemnation.
Many people will disagree with me…it’s ok because I Don’t Care!

Note: there is little if anything I can claim apathy on, this just happens to be it.  For me religion is a live and let live situation as long as they let me live as I choose.


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