ALL SNAKES DAY hair clip

I was playing with sculpy to make little tiles, including some out of a mix of translucent, green and some irridescent pigment powder.  I did them a few weeks ago and had not baked them yet and so when I decided to make a little snake hair clip I simply reshaped two of the small tiles into a snake form and used liquid sculpy to help it have a smooth surface and hold together better.
After baking it I painted a layer of paper glaze on it to enhance the shine and looked through my sample book of faux leather for some little green and dark red pieces for the leaves and flower.
A little E-6000 and a hairclip and time to dry and this is what I came up with.


I got an amazing interior design sample book of faux leather for $5 at a place called Reuse Market that sells art supplies donated from people as well as design studios.  The sample book I got has 50 5×9 pieces of different color and texture faux leather samples and I am careful to only cut out what I need and to tuck any extra back. I really want to get more sample books of fabric and wallpaper.


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