10 general facts about me

There are all these 30 day blog challenges but I hate challenges I am bound to fail so I am picking and choosing some of the prompts I want to try.

I have other blogs on other subjects (art and weight loss surgery) and I will tailor the prompts to them as well.


march 10-2012


#1 I am currently 43 years old (12-07-1968)

#2 I am married to a younger man (16 years younger) named Alex who I love more than anything

#3 I live in Boise Idaho

#4 I love many kinds of music even though I consider myself a Goth, I listen to Goth, Industrial, Blues, Jazz, classical, alternative, and many other types

#5 I prefer plain drip coffee with milk to any fancy espresso drinks (I do love chai as well)

#6 I am Bi-polar and even with a tendency towards depression I think I manage to try to enjoy life better than many people who claim to be Normal

#7 I am the oldest of two children (I have a brother) and the oldest grandchild on both sides (11 on moms  side and 6 on dads)

#8 I love spicy foods and drinks,

#9 I am  5’5 (I use to be taller but arthritis in my knees has made me nearly 2 inches shorter)

#10 I am a brunette with dark brown eyes naturally but I have dyed my hair so many times it has been nearly every color



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