Looking for meteor storms…a metaphor?

Early January 4th I called my husband Alex at work and said I knew he intended to work out after he got done at around 6am and that there was suppose to be an amazing meteor shower between 3am and daybreak (around 8) and would he be willing to come home instead and drive out to the desert outside of town instead and watch with me?
Not surprisingly at all his answer was of course so I went out to my more comfortable car and started defrosting it at 5:50am, I didn’t know the school he works for had a game so he was running behind until he got there nearly an hour later.  I was frustrated since we were going to have to get away from the ridiculous amount of urban sprawl in Boise and do it before the dawn got far along.  Out here in the desert dawn starts a good hour before daybreak so we were already having a hard time with it.

We headed out of town and I chose an exit then took the wrong road off of it and drove in a big circle.  I should mention I have been edgy for days and not feeling well so this was extra annoying. Finally with dawn creeping in we got on the right road to find it flooded with early morning traffic and since I had not been out there in a four years I was surprised to realize how far we would of had to drive to get out of the lights of the city.
This is January in the high mountain desert at about 7:30am and I was bundled up and Alex wasn’t but his only concern was me being warm and I was concerned over his lack of good gloves so much I forgot I didn’t have a pair either.
Finally we stopped off the road and wandered around a little and looked at the coming dawn and the inversion (a nice term in the valley I live in for smog) and realized we would not get to see the shower we had been assured was supposed to be spectacular.

(Time Lapse Pic NOT taken in Boise of the shower)
Alex and I had been talking the entire time and laughing about my little side trip and so with little stress we decided to go have coffee at our favorite place and made a very nice morning of it, I crafted and he worked on stuff for a Game we play with friends and over all it was a lovely morning, not because we watched a fabulous light show in the sky but because we were together.  We were able to laugh it off even in the cold, even with me feeling a bit sick, we were together, enjoying life and making the most of it.
So what is the metaphor?
To me this is a metaphor to how many relationships are ruined… first you have the people seeking excitement, fairy-tale showers of light and awe from the sky, these are the people who don’t just want to see shooting stars but want to see the most amazing ones ever. These are the ones who are never satisfied with things unless they are perfect and romantic by storybook standards and so they often are disappointed and heartbroken.  They spend so much time seeking the ideal of love and that moment of excitement that they can not enjoy the times in between the shooting stars. Just being with the same person for years most likely will never be enough for them because no one person can fulfill all the roles in the book of fairy-tales.

Then you have people who would never have tried to find the place to view grains of space dust hitting the atmosphere so fast they explode into streaks of light.  To them there is no where near enough wonder involved in a chance to share that with someone they love to risk the cold and find humor in getting lost.  They don’t seek fairy-tales even in the everyday wonder of being with the person you adore and who adores you.

So I guess I am lucky, I found my fairy-tale and now I am content with what happens beyond “happily ever after” because I have stopped looking for the next “once upon a time”  but I am not so complacent as to think that we should not seek out magic together or so desperate for everything to be perfect that I can’t find romance in an hour alone with the person I love, racing the dawn and laughing when it wins.


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