Questions to ask yourself about the last year

The best way to move forward into a better year is to look at the last one and reflect not just on what happened but on how it effected you and how you might deal differently next time.

1. What was the single most challenging thing that happened in your life that you over came or survived?

2. We all live lives where we to some extent expect hardship but was there an unexpected joy in your life this past year?

3. What was the single best thing that happened to you this past year?

4. what 5 words best describe the last year for you

5. What are 4 things you wish you had done that you did not do At All last year?

6. What were the biggest relationship changes in your life this last year both positive and negative?

7. In what ways did you change (physically, spiritually, emotionally or mentally) in the last year

8. What one single thing would you have done differently over the past year?

9. In what way did you waste the most time and what do you think you might of done without so much distraction?

10. What are a few things you would like to change about yourself in the upcoming year?

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