I WLL be organized by Feb 29th come hell or high water

So for the last ……ummmmm…. damn at least 7 months I have been planning on organizing my craft room and in the process of pulling stuff out and trying to sort it then being forced to put it all back in to the room in a rush when guests come over it has simply gotten WORSE.

Not like oh it’s a bit untidy or oh no there is a mess in here but OH MY GOD WHAT DID YOU DO IN HERE SET OFF A BOMB????

And now I am paralyzed by the sheer mass of stuff that needs doing and I feel as if I drowning.  Every time I go to get started cleaning I panic and the room just gets worse and then I panic more.  I am this close to tossing everything (not really I love my supplies I just want to access them)

How this happened, about 6 or 7 months ago (early summer of 2011) I decided my some what messy and disorganized room needed a full make over and foolishly decided the best way to do that was to pack everything into boxes and take them in the front room and sort them.

The idea was I would be so annoyed at the stuff in the front room that I would be forced to clean up.  Problem?  My wonderful and very CDO (that is OCD in the right order I am informed) Sister in law decided to put all the boxes in lovely stacks out of the way and well for a few MONTHS I just lived that way slowly getting in the boxes and making everything a total mess.

Then came the day we had to get it out of the front room so a guest could stay over and all the now disorganized boxes got shuffled and in some cases spilt back into the art room, on top of the bins that I was suppose to be sorting but hadn’t.  If you are getting the idea I am a procrastinator you are right on the button (one of the few craft supplies I don’t have making a mess in my house actually)  I am also a hoarder and I am trying to break both habits but failing though lack of cash is helping to hoarding a lot, that is til I discovered sites on upcycling, now I have even more stuff to deal with.

And now every time I walk into the now even more disastrous craft room I want to cry and since my main computer had to have most of it’s memory stripped due to virus and my SAD lamp is in there not to mention my vitamins I have to go in and work but I am crafting away from home a lot or in the front room then bringing stuff back in and making a bigger mess.

Part of the problem is we have a weekly roleplaying game at my house and I have to have the front room cleaned up each week… well this is the one week we don’t have so I have from today, Thursday the 29th of Dec to Saturday the 7th of January to get a serious dent into the mess since right now I need to again haul stuff out into the living room and sort it out into smaller boxes, label stuff and This time PUT IT BACK WHERE IT GOES.

If I can even get it basically sorted and put together I would be happy and it would be a big start, also if I can get the basic part done now I would be able to actually use the art room as a place to do the actual organizing once the sorting into types is done.

I figure Leap Year Day is a good enough goal since it is in fact a BONUS day right?

Here are pics from mid summer:

And now:







2 thoughts on “I WLL be organized by Feb 29th come hell or high water

  1. Sharon says:

    Oh I so understand where you are coming from…Until 2 days ago when I had had enough….And I will tell you now that it took me 2 whole days of not stop 12 hour days to finish it but I did…And I needed a starting place also. I just could not figure out where to start until I cleaned off my whole work table, fabric, pens, 4 pair scissors, rotary cutter rulers everything and started with that pile. The reason I am telling you this is because it was the best place for me to start because you know why then every time I ran out of the room for any reason I always came back and saw that clear cutting table and it just wanted me to do more and more I did and now I feel so much better. So hopefully this will help. All though I have to say when I went to start my sewing machine today I think it has totally died on me….you don’t happen to have an extra one in your back pocket do you…lol so we will see but I hope you get to a start place and make sure it is a place you can see every time you leave the room even if it is just to go to the ladies room you will see a clear table when you come in and it will want you to do more…goo luck and Happy New Year

  2. simplytrece says:

    Sharon has the right idea about the START point, kind of like FlyLady’s shiny sink. I need to find one, also. Thanks for declaring the time stretch in which to do it. I’ll bet we even lose some weight, because I’m sure our body clutter mirrors our home’s clutter. I cannot even make art, because I am so overwhelmed by the mess.
    Onward, HO!!!

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