FML???…. Maybe not so much after all

I seldom say FML (Fuck my Life) but lately I have been tempted to scream it as my stress level has been through the roof

Stress level > higher than I like
Pain Level  > Higher than I want
Ready Cash < Lower than I prefer

This week has been crazy, I have not eaten as well as I could and drank more than I should and my weird body has lost weight anyway and that should be great but it is way out of whack and making me pay for it all.
I am tempted to say FML but then I think I have a pretty damn good life.
My house is a mess with crafting stuff… ok but i have a great apt and I am warm and safe and my partner in this life lets me make big messes without making me feel bad then helps me clean them up…
I have been crafting like mad and I am tired…OK I have a skill I ENJOY and someone in my life who helps me by not begrudging me the time or expense but also keeps me grounded, I have a friend who is giving me a chance to sell my stuff and a Sister in Law willing to help me sell it.  And most of all I love crafting I just hate deadlines
My body is extra out of whack this week… OK it was out of whack in different ways all the time when I was over 200 pounds bigger, now it is trying to figure out how to work with radical change and an aging system and at least it still works and mostly works well… I think I can survive my body chemistry going loopy for a week every once in a while.
Poor?  Yeah but no where near as bad as many people, I had enough money to fix the spare tire (it was only $15 at big-o to fix two holes in it) I have enough money for food, medicine and for the occasional coffee also to do some of my crafts I enjoy.
So no I wont say FUCK MY LIFE after all


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