A little change to a quote

We have all seen this quote and often when people post it all I can think is “well that is actually a hell of a cop-out cause they seem to be missing the last 3 words “AT MY BEST.”

It so often seems that a lot of the people who post this dont feel they have to go any farther beyond the “at my worst” and dont make much of an effort to get to the “BEST” part of themselves.

Here is how thi quote would read if I wrote it for me…..

“I may be insecure, I know that I have a temper and that I am occasionally out of control and give into impulses that dont benefit me. I can be demanding and even at times selfish and I am not always easy to handle but if you can not handle me at my worse, if you can not inspire me to try to be better just by being the person you are than Neither of us deserves the other.”


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