God Hates Fags???? REALLY?? Dissecting the concept with T’Rina Logic

This cartoon made me think of a few things…as good ones should

So we dissect the concept of “God Hates Fags”:  I will take this statement apart from my personal concepts (cause it is late and I think too much at 5am)
Warning long rant:

GOD …   Well I am not religious at all, I am apatheistic, I dont care if there is a god(s) and I dont care if you think there is as long as that belief does not make you infringe on my and others rights so trying to tell me that this is the opinions of a deity I dont know or care if exists is really not going to let me Justify your behavior in the least.
In fact since I believe we totally lead our own lives, make our own choices (at least in how we choose to see things) and since I believe anyone can open their mind no matter how closed it has been, to claim you are doing something hateful based on a non-corporeal entity’s judgement really doesn’t get you far with me

GOD HATES….   really? Not any god I could imagine believing in actually… seems the words “God is Love” has been thrown around a lot and it also seems to me that I have heard the words “a just and loving God” before, so then it makes little sense to ME (and this is about me and MY concepts) that God would be filled with Hate.  I am sure there is chapter and verse that state how god is vengeful and judgmental and all that but like I said, not any god I would consider believing in.

GOD HATES FAGS… there is a saying people put on t-shirts for little kids “God Doesn’t Make Mistakes” and yet you are saying that God hates a group of people who are different?
Would that not imply then that God had made a mistake when he made them?
So then I hear from the right …”Oh but T’Rina dont you know GOD gave mankind freewill cause he loved us most and those fags used it to defy GOD and everyone knows that being gay is a choice.” Again REALLY????
Well I believe much more in science and Science is pretty sure that homosexuality is a biological issue and besides homosexual behavior is present in over 450 species (none of which you are willing to say “God loves Best” so no free will in the monkeys and wildebeasts and other critters who like the same sex) so does this imply GOD MADE A MISTAKE???  Isn’t that then a paradox?

So then how can GOD (if one exists) HATE (something I don’t think would happen) FAGS (implying a mistake on Gods part)?

Yeah and you wonder why I dont have a strong faith in religion?


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