Changing things (HOUSE) Step #1 – Using the dishwasher less

Right now we use the dishwasher so much it is not funny. We are moving away from using the dishwasher every day (sometimes twice). We decided not to invest in a  dish drainer and mat and just use the dish washer itself to dry the dishes in.  Instead of a big bottle of DAWN anti-bacterial concentrate I finally used up I now have a small bottle of basic (non anti-bacterial) SUN dish soap thinned down with water and a little bleach, lemon juice and baking soda in a reused spray bottle, one squirt per dish is all it takes, the little bottle of cheap dish soap made a BIG spray bottl’s worth.

I know there will be times I still use the dish washer, like if I am cooking a ton of stuff and can’t catch up but I want to reduce it to no more than once a week if we can.

(helping reduce our electric bill, helping the environment, and even reducing the cost of Dish washing detergent which is pretty harsh stuff actually)


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