Learn to surf life

“Try everything, do everything, fall in love as often as you can. Do this with your whole heart, with all honesty, and with innocent truth.”
One of the most amazing women I know said those words along with many other things and it inspired me to thought.

“I did that, it is great, it is painful, it exciting, it is gut wrenching, it is exhilarating and it is exhausting.
And in the end you find you can not stay innocent, not because you want to be jaded but because the world will not allow it, the world sadly is not filled with enough people who want to be innocent, to be wide eyed and to be giving, loving and honest…. and many those other people will go out of their way to take advantage of you and tear anything good apart.
So you find that instead of Hovering through the unmoving air, free like a bird on wing, unencumbered, you must instead fight to stay above the crowd, above the sharks and you find yourself swimming in rough water instead of flying above the waves.
So now you have a choice, find a safe place or drown, even a safe place inside of yourself, and learn to surf the waves…. rise just enough above them, above the world of strife and misery that you do not forget it exists but that you are not truly part of it. Learn to move freely from one place to another, first allowing yourself to float patiently then occasionally striving with all your might towards a goal worthy of your time and effort then take the time to ride free, to feel the exhilaration of the moment and joy of living then start the cycle over again.
Learn to maintain a balance, an awareness of the good calm peace above you and the wild turbulence of feelings below you. Learn to dance on the water that is your life, never letting yourself fall totally into the deep dark cold or even into the calm that holds no movement, no forward momentum.”


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