Then change something

I realize it really is finally time to shake things up, time to rethink how things are going and try to get them going more the way I want and in a way that will make me a better/happier person.

It is time to evaluate the things and people who annoy me, take me for granted or are to my detriment and decide which will need to be removed or avoided
It is also time to strengthen ties with people who are helpful, supportive, loving, as giving to me as I am to them and who knowing/being involved with is a mutual benefit and makes my life somehow better not more annoying.
Finally it is time to remove things from my life causing me strife and make the other things work better.
I can not go on the way I have been.

As per a request in the comments:

click to get full sized desktop background of this image


2 thoughts on “Then change something

  1. Fun diagram! Sometimes I can use a reality check. You don’t have a downloadable copy for desktops, do you?

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