I do on the other hand claim to be:
#1 A person with a lot of opinions who is seeking to learn when to keep them to herself
#2 A person who is as honest about themselves and their faults as they can be
#3 A person who is working to have an open mind but who sometimes fails
#4 A person who seeks to learn as much as they can about the world
#5 A creative person who tries to create art and not allow other people’s opinions of it diminish my enjoyment.
#6 A person who seeks to help others without impinging on their freedom of choice, even if those choices annoy and frustrate me
#7 A person who does not give up on anyone for long (including myself) until it becomes obvious they do not want me to care anymore.
But most of all…
#8 A person who fails at many things (including all of those mentioned above) but makes an effort to try over and over again

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