Compost yourself

This is an open letter to a friend who says their life is garbage and they are trash and not worth the effort to change .

I think the general principle is sound and a lot of us with issues that are holding us back should see how we can adapt the concept of Composting our lives into something useful………

Letter to T:

Weird analogy coming but follow me here and see where I am going:
So you think you are trash, not worth loving? Dont go there, dont give up and let yourself waste away in a dump of depression and bad relationships.
COMPOST YOURSELF (see I told you it was weird)
Wrap yourself in the warmth of the love YOU have for your children and the need you have to protect them, not just from outside forces but from the influence of seeing you allow yourself to be treated badly. They need to see that you can stand alone if need be and that you can learn to make good choices so that they can recognize them when they grow up.

Bury yourself in the love your friends and children have for you,accept that you are worthy of that love and that just because there have been people who have walked all over you and thrown you away does not mean you are not worthy of love and respect.

Water yourself with the knowledge that you CAN CHANGE if you work hard enough and need it enough.  You are more than the child in your past who was hurt so badly or the grown up who was abuse.  You are stronger than you can imagine and you will find that strength if you can let go of what you have been told you are through the words and actions of those who hurt you.

Finally turn yourself around and over and churn up the feelings/thought processes that have done this to you, deal with them, analyze them, adapt to and then turn them upside down til you have something rich and clean and able to grown the life you want. You are capable of having a healthy life, not just a garbage heap.  You are capable of creating that life but you have to face the past, stop poisoning the now and work hard for the future.

You can do this, you are not trash, your life is not garbage.. think of it instead as the start of a beautiful and bountiful garden.


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