Gay Marrage – some thoughts of mine

I love cuddling up w/ Alex & thinking the words “My Husband” KNOWING he chose to go the extra step & make it legal w/ me. We had intended to get Handfasted only but chose to legally marry & I never thought it would matter but somehow it does to me, now no one can question that we are married by saying “well that does not count” (as some did w/ the handfasting)
Doesn’t everyone deserve that feeling of knowing their choice is legal & that people can’t say it is not real?

Maybe it mattered more to me cause of our age difference, us being legally married somehow showed people that this is not a passing thing for him…

Dont get me wrong….I DO RESPECT the choice of handfasting… I personally think it is just as binding emotionally as a legal document but I got sick of people saying “Oh yeah but that doesn’t really count does it” and implying that if we were closer in age we would get married. The point is if you are a male/female couple and you get handfasted you know that baring any secondary legal issues (like being married to someone else) you COULD legally marry if you chose, I just think everyone should have that choice regardless of what they think of marriage and whether they think that THEY personally need a legal document to consider themselves married.

Choice is important

It seems to me that all my life the religious people have always told me that “God gave man alone Freewill” So who are they to take our freewill to make this choice away from us?

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