Going on the Craft Shopping Wagon for 2 months

I am a compulsive crafter but worse than that I am a compulsive craft supply shopper, there was a time this blog was going to be named “So many Art supplies…so little time”

The problem is two fold, my art room is a disaster, that desperately needs sorting and organizing and yet I keep getting new craft supplies and then there is the fact that I am BROKE… money is tight and I spend way too much on crafts so until I establish a secondary form of income I just can’t afford to be buying $50+ a month in supplies no matter how great the sales are.

I am not giving up crafting, the whole problem is I have tons of supplies, so many I am often finding things I forgot I had so the goal for August and September is to continue to craft with just what I already have.

I plan to use up some of the canvases I have stacked in various places, the beads and the dice, the scrapbooking paper and the kids puzzles, hell maybe I will get our wedding album done.

I will be posting the art I do this next two months on here and hopefully keeping up with the blog better.

Here are some pics of the craft room to give you an idea what I am dealing with though to be honest these pics are not up to date and it is much worse….


One thought on “Going on the Craft Shopping Wagon for 2 months

  1. simplytrece says:

    I am so proud of you for joining the Buy Nothing Challenge!! To be able to use up a wide variety of crafting items is a huge blessing! I would probably need to choose one project at a time, and post it for accountability. Good luck!!

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