A little inspiration when I needed it most

I have been feeling sort of lost, drowning and overwhelmed a lot lately but I realized something from a tweet made by @EGGFACE it was one of those little bits of inspiration that opens your eyes a bit and lets some light in to help your brain process.

“It’s good to feel lost every once and awhile, it helps you recognize what makes you happy… and what doesn’t 😉 #happiness #life

This is my very extended version…..

Sometimes you have to get a little lost to realize not only where you are in life but where you want to be the problem is finding your way but if you keep trying you will hopefully find your way out.  Dont be afraid to ask for directions and dont be afraid to take help but dont let yourself forget how to stand on your own two feet.

There are times when you feel like you are risk of going under but use it to realize that not only do you NOT want to just give up but that there is stable ground near by and you while just have to keep moving forward in hopes of finding it.  Learn when to take a break, catch your breath a little and regroup and then MOVE ON, because  if you fail to keep moving you might as well give up and sink into nothingness and their is not coming back from that.

In the long run you have to be your own savior, it is hard but it will make you stronger if you learn from it


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