Why does my weight loss make more sense to me in T-Shirt sizes than in pounds today?

Today was amazing, for me anyway, I worked BOISE PRIDE and while the weather did not agree to be nice to us I got a surprise…for the first time ever volunteering I actually got to wear a VOLUNTEER T-Shirt!  Doesn’t sound like a big deal when you consider it was a special order 3XL BUT when I started this weight loss I was wearing a 5-6X and today I easily fit into a 3X, (and I am sooo proud of this shirt, baby blue and all) in normal sizing this means I have lost from a tight 32-34 to a loose 22-24…TEN SIZES!!!
You know those pics they have of people holding their old jeans next to their new jeans? I never wore jeans so I have to go by T-shirts, I have one BAGGY 5X that use to fit me just right and last year at Fandemonium I had to bring in my own 4X shirts to have screen printed and I spent most of the con wishing I had gotten a couple of 5XLs instead because I don’t like tight T’s.
Anyway last Aug I wore tight 4X t-shirts during the convention, now I am hoping by Aug I will fit a 2x (even if it is a bit tight again) so I am ordering a 3X and a 2 X Fandemonium shirt this year.  I figure even if I wear the 2X one day during the convention it counts.
My hope is that by the 2012 convention I can snag one of Alex’s 1X shirts and maybe even fit into a Large T-shirt so I can put them on the wall and compare them then take the mandatory photo of me wearing the HUGE baggy 5X shirt and the 1X or even Large.
Right now I am wearing the baggy on me 3X PRIDE shirt and a pair of cut off slightly baggy 4X leggings for lounge clothes (they had wide cuffs and I like tapered legs) because I am sick of my nightgowns falling all the way off both shoulders all the time and needed something comfy to relax in.
Rain or not I am a very happy girl!!


One thought on “Why does my weight loss make more sense to me in T-Shirt sizes than in pounds today?

  1. anvancafitcoach says:

    Congrats! What a charming story! I hope you succeed. I wish you the best.

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