He makes me grin…

I posted this on Twitter LATE last night while Alex was getting ready for bed…

I would burn the sky and tear down the heavens for you, rearrange the stars and dance through fire to hold you forever

This morning I asked if he had gotten any messages on his phone today and he says “let me check” then comes back in the room looking confused and says “Nope no new messages”

Now it is my turn to be confused, “are you sure” I ask

“Let me check again… Nope nothing new on my phone this morning.”

I tell him I heard it beep last night when he was getting ready and then I notice the tiniest bit of a smile in his eyes while his face is totally dead pan.

“You did so get It!!!! What did you think?”

He grinned huge like he had won some great prize then came over and gave me a BIG KISS and then when I teased him about it he said “Hey I said I did not have any NEW messages THIS morning.”


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