Our Ceremony (script) and photos

some people have asked to read what our ceremony said so here it is along with photos:

I am posting this so people will have a better idea of what is happening:

Those involved in the ceremony,
Alex V Lockary and T’Rina Headlee Lockary

Brad: officiant and a dear friend of both of ours, we met at a Live Action Role Play game he runs
Izzie: Alex’s sister, T’Rina’s great friend and one of our attendants, she will be standing beside Alex

Alex and T’Rina’s Handfasting Ceremony

Brad: to the people watching
We come here to day to witness and give blessings and good wishes to Alex and T’Rina as they have chosen to symbolize their love in a handfasting ceremony.

Do you Alex and T’Rina enter into this bond with open and loving hearts and free wills?
Both together:
We do

Alex and T’Rina take the first two cords and tie them to each others wrist (T’Rina’s right, Alex’s left)

Do you come here with your friends and families blessing and acceptance?
Both together:
We do

Izzie takes an end of the first two cords and ties the one from T’Rina’s wrist to Alex’s wrist and then the one from Alex’s wrist to T’Rina’s wrist
Alex and T’Rina then hold hands as Brad asks

Alex and T’Rina will you take each other;
Vowing to be none other than yourselves together?
Both together:
We will

Then drink from the same cup so that you may be reminded that your strength is in your abilities to stand together without forgetting how to stand alone.

Izzie pours mead into the chalice then hands it to Alex who offers it to T‘Rina, T’Rina takes a drink and hands it back to Alex, Alex takes a drink then offers T’Rina a drink by holding it to her lips, T’Rina take the drink and then hold the chalice for Alex to drink from.

Do you promise to stand by each others side;
To support and encourage one another in your endeavors?
Will you protect one another while still standing on your own?
Both Together:
We will

As a symbol of the emotional sustenance and protection you offer each in this life you shall now offer each other physical substance. May your love be as sweet as this cake.

Izzie and Brad each lift a blade from the table by the sheath and hold it out Alex and T’Rina hilt first, Alex and T’Rina draw the knives and together cut the cake. Placing the knives back on the table (un-sheathed) Alex and T’Rina then each pick up one of the pieces and offer each other the bite of cake at the same time.

Will you both seek to be truly open and honest with one another;
To laugh and cry together as time goes on, seeking to see the beauty in life and in each other?
Both Together:
We will

Will you vow love and honor one another holding fast only to each other as long as you are together, being both freed and bound by your love?
Both Together:
We Will

Will you Alex and you T’Rina accept these bonds as they bind your lives together for as long as love does last?
Both Together:
We Will

May your love find lasting permanence, may the protection of this bond surround you, sustain you and comfort you through out your life together. With the tying of these bonds, may you remember the binding of your words: The vows of love, hope, fidelity and trust you have made today. Know that only you can truly bind yourselves together.

Brad then reaches over the table as he says this to place the purple cords across Alex and T’Rina hands and they use their free hands to gather to loose cords and loop them together

Alex and T’Rina kiss

Alex and T’Rina turn to where a broom and a sword are laying together on the ground behind them then step over them (mind you what actually happened is orgot the broom and sword and our wonderful friends brought them for us to step over)

Brad: addressing the crowd
May we all share in their joy and offer a toast to T’Rina and Alex

Everyone will already have a small drink in their hands and offer a toast to Alex and T’Rina (we forgot to make sure everyone had drinks…lol)
Alex leads T’Rina to a pair of chairs on the other side of the sword and their friends and family will drape the ribbons they got earlier over their bound hands

T’Rina and Alex will then undo the bounds and braid the ribbons and the cords into a braid to keep


One thought on “Our Ceremony (script) and photos

  1. Rantingpostie says:

    A beautiful ceremony. My heart fills with joy and happiness for you both, bright blessings and wishes for your journey together.
    May I borrow it for our handfasting?

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