Alex’s Birthday Dinner, Amazingly Easy Swai (fish) recipe I love

I asked Alex what he wanted for his birthday and the answer was to see THOR in 3D at the IMAX theater and for me to make my favorite SWAI dish for dinner.  Since we would be at the movie then game Friday I made it the night before his birthday.

Swai is great fish we buy in individually frozen fillets that I thaw in cold water then I take a Pyrex baking pan, pour a thin layer of olive oil on the bottom and place the fish in it then I pour store bought Italian dressing over the top of the fish then cover it with my bread crumb mix and bake at 350 til it is cooked through (too be honest I go by smell and testing with a fork so I dont know how long it takes, probably 15-20 mins TOPS)

I make the bread crumb mix with cheddar Goldfish crackers ground in to fine crumbs, regular store bought bread crumbs, “french fried” onions and lemon pepper.  I put it all in a bag and grind them together til even the onions are ground up and sprinkle the mix over the Italian dressing covered fish and bake.



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