Inspiration sheets for my apt decorations

I have lived in my apt for about 5 and have wanted to move for a while, over time i decorated it then when I worked as a pay site model I turned my entire front room into a studio and took everything down.  I kept telling myself i was going to move soon and why decorate.  Now Alex and i have talked about it and we agree we will be here at least a year and a half if not longer and that there are more important things to save for than moving to a new place.

So it is time to decorate, which works well since I am also doing decorations for the Handfasting that will work with my vision for the apt and I am also doing a large decorating project for someone else I can’t really go into right now that will let me use some of the items I want to make for my own front room.

I am trying to document my decorating steps and the steps of the DIY projects I do but right now I am stuck with my phone’s camera cause my camera is hiding, though I think I know where, just have to go through stuff to find it.

Anyway I have searched the web and my own collection of photos and found some that make the collage/inspiration sheets for my front room and bedroom so I thought I would share, Note that these are just images that inspire me, my stuff will be different than this….


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