Om nom latte – Flying M Downtown

It may be decaf, it may be sugarfree, it might not have chocolate in it but it is yummy and pretty.

Flying M is one of 3 cool local downtown coffeehouses we go to sometimes.  All three are totally different, Fying M is sort of the Arty Hipster place with lots of little odd things for sale.

They actually have a gift store right in the coffeeshop and yearly run the Valentines for AIDS event since they are the largest of the coffee shops downtown.

There look is very industrial/eclectic with mixed up furniture, a metal lined coffee counter, bright lighting and a cute little room that use to hold a pay phone and now has children’s toys in it.

I love locally owned coffee shops that host local, unusual art and play interesting music.  Even when the music is so over the top Hipsterish it at least makes me laugh.  Flying M hosts a weekly Gay Youth event and have a much more Hipster clientele then even Dawson’s Downtown and that is saying something.

Today when we were in there they were playing some really lousy Japanese pop (I hate this, I dont mind Japanese music but if it is lousy pop it doesn’t matter what language it is, play all the Japanese music you want just find good stuff) but they redeemed themselves by playing CAKE before we left.  They actually play CDs so you tend to hear one band for about 45 mins so if the music sucks it sucks for a while.

Their Large Drink is 16 oz, this is small compared to other places but the quality is really good and the environment makes for a nice change.  The biggest drawback for me though is they are in the same old historical building with Guido’s Pizzeria and they are probably the most amazing smelling pizza place in town and the smell fills the entire building with the aroma of food I can’t touch…LOL


I took these pictures with my phone and would of posted this blog post around 7pm when I wrote most of it in the coffee shop but found out that #1 even though I can use Adobe Photoshop express to rotate photos I can’t then access them on my WordPress app and #2 my phone eats battery life so fast that it was not up for taking the pics again when it finally occurred to me to just take them with the camera sideways


One thought on “Om nom latte – Flying M Downtown

  1. I love this coffe shop. I’d live in it if this place were in my town. Great pics with a camera phone btw. I’ve posted pics of my OWOH win from you and links to your blogs. Stop by and check it outiwhen you have time.

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