Some of the stress taken off

My grandfather died yesterday and we had planned to have a family dinner with about 14 people on March 18th after we got legally married and then do the big Handfasting ceremony at my grandmothers house April 30th.

In my family elopements are par for the course actually and I have gotten a bit of flack from my mom about the fact that in a two month period we were having 4 events, a engagement/bachelor-bachelorette party (march 12th) an official wedding with dinner (march 18th) and then a Handfasting/reception for family and close friends at my grandmothers April 30th and finally a BBQ that is a much more open invitation event May 7th.

On top of my grandfather’s death, my Grandmother having to come up with an added $2200 dollars over the burial insurance they bought years ago that was suppose to cover it all (*&^%# Ripoff –  no one had thought to tell them they could add to monthly) and the general stress I have been feeling I have decided that the wedding Dinner is over kill.  Lets just say my mom is estatic.

Alex and I will still be getting married legally March 18th but we are going to spend the day together instead of with family.  I love my family and there are at least two of the three events my entire family can come to, most wont make the engagement etc thing but yes this took a lot of stress off of me.  This afternoon I could barely get out of bed the thought of all I have to do, all I have already given up to make this work and all it will cost on top of my sorrow over grandpa and my worry over my grandma was dragging me under. After i talked to Grandma and my mom and made some arrangements I felt as if a load had been lifted off of me.

I really have not had many “bridezilla” temper-tantrum moments, in fact I have bent over backwards to make this work as well as I can and accepted pretty damn well if I do say so myself everything I have decided not to do that i wanted to do.  So I guess you could call this a “BrideEmo” moment and being Goth anything Emo has to go.

This is going to work out for the best and my mom and grandma are thrilled we are follow family tradition…LOL

We are thinking of going to lunch with our friend who is an Ordained Minister and then just going to the park and exchanging private vows to one another then have a little bitty mini honeymoon.

My uncle and aunt are getting us a room at the Anniversary Inn (a fancy theme hotel) that comes with a gift card to the REEF (a great tropical themed restaurant) and they are getting us a gift card for breakfast at Elmer’s which is right across the way from the hotel.

The money that was going to be spent on dinner can hopefully go to helping us get the last of the stuff for the engagement etc.. – handfasting and BBQ.

This is one less stress for me and will give my grandma time to deal with what she is dealing with before the bigger event in April.  I think this is win win.

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