Stress is spelled $$$

Alex and I talked and checked into some things about my benefits and medical coverage and found that even though I will lose some I wont lose it all and so we have decided to get legally married before our handfasting.

I talked to Alex about a courthouse wedding but he really wants a friend to do it, we have a friend called Borneo who is an ordained minister who is going to perform a VERY private ceremony with just me and Alex and him on March 18th.  We will then have another friend name Brad perform the Handfasting ritual on April 30th.  This allows us to have two dear friends perform two very different ceremonies for us.

This is a very busy few months for us…

March 12th is our combined Anniversary/engagement/shower/bachelor-bachelorette party and then the Steampunk ball the same night.

On March 18th the Alex and I will go to the park with Borneo and exchange private vows and sign the Marriage license and then join him and our immediate family for dinner.

On April 9th I have to get together with my mom, grandma, two of my cousins and two of my aunts for dinner to figure out who is doing what and make sure we have everything covered and planned for for the handfasting

On April 30th we have the Handfasting at my grandmothers house,  for our closest friends and family and sadly there is very limited space so we are really having to juggle both our guestlist and our space

FINALLY we have a BBQ on May 7th as a sort of reception for many many more of our friends and those family who did not make it to the wedding due to the fact we are not allowing small children to come.

While we are doing all of this on the cheap as much as possible it is still costing money and we are having to get it done bit by bit.  I am hoping my work (which I get paid for per job and which is very lean in the winter and early spring) comes through with at least a couple decent jobs for me in the next 2 months… even an extra hundred would be Amazing right  now.
Believe it or not we have already cut our budget to the bone, many things we could of spent a lot of money on having done for us I am doing, invites, announcements, decorations, and other things like the Park fee have been gifts. We will do this for under $2000 but when you are kind of broke that is still a lot.

The Handfasting and BBQ are going to be Potluck (which is a tradition in my family anyway, people share food to show affection)

We want to get Alex another better Kilt and I would like a new outfit for the wedding, nothing fancy just something new and we still need to buy a few more things we need for the different events and little stuff like postage.

Also I have managed to lose yet another Certified Birth certificate…. yes ANOTHER, I have probably lost 5 in my life and losing my Birth certificate is costing us $$$ & time.
It will be $13 for a copy + $5 for rush service to save us up to 2 wks… (an online order it would be about another $20) then I need to go get an updated Drivers license $30 (mine expired and I just found out), then we need to get the Marriage license $28
then another $30 to have my Name changed on a …ton of documents by a company otherwise I will mess it up I am sure.  Then after I change my name it will be I think $12 to change my Drivers license

None the less I am happy, I am doing very well and I WILL make it work out.


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