A note about Valentines day: To those who hate it… to those who are alone…

Guess what…I have been there, I understand it can be overwhelming and at times it seems like an attack against you, that there are times when this holiday seems totally contrived and designed to make you feel bad.  I do in fact know where the holiday originated from actually and yes I know it has been commercialized within an inch of its ancient life.

You hate it, I get it.

But by the same token that I understand where you are coming from please accept that I am HAPPY, something that has not happened a lot in my life.  In fact I have spent most of my life either alone or in really awful relationships or far from the few people I loved.  Yes I know what it is to hate this day but you also need to take a moment and accept that I want to have a good time and please stop acting like I am trying to annoy you on purpose by enjoying this holiday.

It has Nothing to do with you… I have been trying to keep my joy and happiness on a low key but you know something? I should not have to, if I want to proclaim I am in love and truly loved and that I am happy to be silly and make Valentine’s cards for one week of the year that is my business.

So we hopefully can agree to disagree, you grumble and groan about this holiday all you want and I will laugh and be happy and we will do fine as long as you leave me alone and I don’t ask you to buy me a box of candy.


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