Fake it til you make it

I just want to enjoy life… of course so do most people, but it seem as if some people refuse to make the steps and changes needed to be happy, they live in the world of can’t and victimization, dwelling in the shadows of their pain and spend most of their time trying to drag the rest of us into the dark with them.

Many of us love the dark, we relish in it but even the darkest night is made more beautiful by the light of the stars, and the knowledge that sunrise is on its way.  The darkest room is made more mysterious and exciting by the light of a flickering candle.
We can recognize the dark parts of ourselves and life without making it our very existence and we dont have to drag other people down through guilt-trips and self pity.
I KNOW a lot of people are in pain, I have been there often. but I learned a long time ago that it is up to you and really only you to take the bull by the horns and make changes in your life.  If you dont like how something is, change it, if you dont like someone, stop dealing with them, make the difference in your life you want to see happen.
In AA there is a saying FAKE IT TIL YOU MAKE IT… and you know what it works.
Stop dwelling on the pain, stop throwing it in everyone else’s faces all the time, and start being the person who you want to be.  Even if at first you have to fake it.
Want to be happy?  ACT HAPPY and you will be surprised how other act towards you.
Want to be self confident?  ACT self confident and you will eventually feel it to be true.
I have been there, I have done it, I have walked into rooms scared and feeling people are staring at the crazy fat chick and then instead of cringing, whining or turning away while blaming them for not accepting me I stood tall, I walked proud, I laughed and made myself enjoy myself and eventually I realized I was not afraid and that the people who did accept me were the people I wanted to spend my time and energy on and the ones who didn’t weren’t worth it in the first place.
I couldn’t make them change how they saw me by complaining or hiding so I made how I felt about me change and acted like I deserved their respect, acted in ways that did in fact deserve respect, and eventually it became second nature.


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