5 compliments not about my weight I would love to hear

I am proud that I have lost weight and I love my family but in 90 minutes I heard “OH my you have lost so much!” Or “you look so amazing now that you lost weight” about 35 times.  That is not to say there were no other compliments this Christmas eve but when I got home I saw this article and it made me think… why do we always first seem to compliment someone on losing weight?   Are there better things or even just other things we could say first?

So here are the 5 non weight related compliments I would love to honestly hear this year:

#1 “Wow you look so young and vibrant these days!”

#2 “You seem so happy and so does Alex!”

#3 “You know I always love to hang out with you, your so fun to be with!”

#4 “I am always amazed at how creative and artistic you are”


#5 “Your Hair (skin/eyes) looks so good today, so healthy”

These could easily be followed by comments about my fashion sense and my intelligence and I wouldn’t say no…LOL


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