Trying to not lose all hope for humanity

“”Purrfect family: injured dog at Edmonton shelter nurses 5 pups and a kitten””

There are times I really despise human beings to the point it makes me sick and brings me to tears of frustration. I know I shouldn’t let it bring me down but there is so much maliciousness, melodrama, back stabbing and bitter pettiness around me lately and that is just people I actually know.  World wide there is hatred, racism, cruelty, brutality, rape, murder, theft and a myriad lists of sins people enact against each other one on one and as huge groups and so there are times I forget there are decent people and things to aspire to… like the kindness of this animal and the  generosity of the veterinarian who donated his skills to save her leg.

I know there are decent people, like those who saved the dog and her ability to walk, but there are days when the petty bickering and drama around me as well as the hatred and cruelty of the world in general make it easy to forget that decent people out there are struggling to make a difference

If half the people in the world were as good to one another as this dog is to those she cares about and the other half were even half as generous as that vet then I might be able to watch the news without wishing death and destruction on all and sundry


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