In the past i have had these LONG lists of resolutions and usually they are very detailed and some what self damning and I am happy that this year i had to work to get 10 things and lets be honest they break down into 4 categories:  Take care of my health, do more art, get organized and LOVE ALEX

Anyway here you go!

#1 Stay on my diet for my health, cook and eat healthier for both me and Alex,
#2 follow my surgeon and nutritionist’s advice
#3 Take my vitamins daily and get my protein goal every day
#4 restart monitoring what I eat, drink and my protein intake on a regular basis
#5 Do more work in my Art Journal every month at least and try to do a few actual paintings this next year
#6 Keep the house cleaner and stay on top of messes as they happens more
#7 Organize the house, computer/art room, closets and dining room most of all and keep them that way
#8 get everything done for the Handfasting on schedule, no slacking til the last moment!
#9 continue to love Alex and treat him with the respect, love and trust he deserves.
#10 do more crafting on a serious scale, more jewelry and learn a few new skills and processes with crafting

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