A few of my favorite things #1-#7

#1 – Alex:
This one pretty much goes without saying, he treats me like I am so very important and with him I can believe it and hope for the future.

#2 – Snuggling with Alex:
I can snuggle with him for hours and he is the only person who I have ever been able to fall asleep cuddled up with. He will hold me for hours in my sleep and if he wakes up he checks to see if my blanket is covering my shoulders and back and straitens it then falls right back to sleep.  He makes me feel safe.

#3 – Getting Handfasted:
I love that Alex wants to do this, not just for me but for us, he is excited about it and knows how happy it makes me.  Knowing he wants to make a public commitment to me is amazing to me.

#4 – Blankets:
Speaking of cuddling I love soft plush blankets, Alex just got me a twin sized comforter since he sleeps under a sheet and when I was using the queen size one it kept falling of the bed and when I slept under the one we sleep on top of (such a fluffy soft comforter) we couldn’t really cuddle.  I also love my micro-fleece blanket a lot.

#5 – Art Supplies:
Hello my name is T’Rina and I am an art supply addict.  I love to create, I like seeing what I can make and I like having a wide variety of projects available at my fingertips.

#6 – My art/computer room:
I like not having to spread my art supplies all over the house where ever I can find space for them and I like having a set safe place for my computer and computer stuff.  I like knowing all my art stuff is safe and that I have room for more if I want.

#7 – My on-line Weight loss surgery support network:
I know amazing people who have been through a lot of what I have and are willing to talk about it with others, who share their lives and their triumphs as well as their frustration and who seem to honestly care about each other, I don’t think I would do as well with my post-op without them.

More to come…..


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