Formspring question 2

You complain a lot that you don’t have money to do this or that -yet you work only a couple of hours a week while your BF is working his tush off.  You don’t even have kids to keep you at home.  Do you think that you are too good to work full time?

OK this is the last anonymous question I take, I find that people feel they can say really hateful stuff when you dont have a name or face to add to it, from now on if you are not willing to make an account dont ask me questions.
For an answer, I am disabled (I am sure you have something shitty to say about that as well but if you do then make an account and put a name and face to it next time) I do not care to go into exactly what is wrong with me cause in the long run the entire list is no ones business but I can not work full time, I wish I could. But one i am not physically capable of doing so and two if I were to work full time I would lose my medical benefits which are very important since I have health issues that are being dealt with now and that I am trying to over come.
Not working full or even most of the time is annoying and even yes I am sure you will glad to know embarrassing, I would love to have the ability to say I work full time and enjoy and was good at a job but i can’t.
Strange that you dont ask “can’t you find a full time job?” but then you know and I know the economy sucks so that would not be nearly as insulting as you asking if I think I am “too good to work full time?”
I have the impression you have taken pot shots at me on here before, I am sorry for whatever reason you think you have a right to try to talk to me like this but no, you dont have that right and I am done dealing with your, or anyone elses, passive aggressive crap

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