An open note to my friend Jeff

 I have know Jeff P. for going on 6 years and he has been a wonderful person who sadly is prone to a bit of depression, he feels things deeply and so I was not surprised to see this post on facebook….

Jeff. is feeling a bit on the edge just now… Too much is wrong. The only thing I’ve ever had any real faith in is humanity and they constantly let me down…

Here is my response:

“Faith in humaity is over reaching… have faith in the individual, have faith that in the long run more people at decent then are not but the ones who are not do seem to try harder. We just need to try a little harder to make being a decen…t person worthwhile, remember to thank those who treat you well even if it is just with a smile and compliment, remember to enjoy life and try to make other peoples lives more enjoyable.
We need to teach our children and ourselves that there honestly is rewards in doing good, in being decent and loving life more than things.
You are a good man Jeff, I have said this before (and it is honestly one of the greatest compliments I can give), do not worry about humanity, worry about yourself, about the children you raise (and who I adore) in fact worry less my friend and live more, you are the only one you can change and your friends and family are the only ones you can truly influence on a one to one level.
Continue to be the decent, caring person I know you to be and you will have all the humanity you need in yourself”

I honestly believe this… I believe that we can hope for the best for the world and the people that live on it, we can help where we can and caring about those far away is not a bad thing but in the long run we must focus on ourselves and strive to be the best people we can be.  Yes we can change the world when we act en mass but we must also learn to see ourselves and those around us as connected and important, we must strive to make the world better one person at a time and sometimes just lending an ear or a bit of understand or a kind word can help.  I would like to think I have been of help to the people around me as much as i can, I would like to think that my own humanity is secure and that I am in fact a Good Person.

Jeff and Trina forever ago

My friend Jeff and Me in march of 05.. one of the truly good guys


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