We are getting Handfasted

On Sept 11th 2010 Alex and I agreed that we wanted to Handfasted, I suggested we wait until April 30th 2011 since it would be the exact 13th month of our starting to date and would be 4 days after my 1 yr anniversary of my weight loss surgery (it is also a Saturday and I love April in Boise)

This gives me just over 7 months to plan out a ceremony that represents our very eclectic beliefs as well as being short enough for me to stand through and yet deep and meaningful enough to represent our love for each other. Since I am doing so much of it by hand, the invitations, the guest book cards, organizing our own ceremony and what will be said as well as other projects and since we only have so much to spend each month this works out perfect for us.

I have already come up with many ideas about what I want us to do and Alex has been a doll and has supported most of my ideas and when he did not think they would work well suggested alterations that are so far always pretty good. This shows me that he is not just doing this to humor me but is actively involved and wants it to be the best ceremony it can be.

I will be blogging about the process and my ideas about the hand fasting as well as other things in my life between now and then but to make it easier to follow I will put all the links to the handfasting posts on the HANDFASTING….. page and I would love to get comments on the posts as well. Since I am also doing an Art Journal about the process I will include those pages here if they scan decently.


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