Going to the hookha bar

When Alex got off work last night we went to see friends at the local pool hall and found that they had gone down the street to the Desert Cafe Hookha bar so we went to visit.  My friends are some of the silliest, funniest and most loving people ever but we coud not stay long since we were in a MAYBE 14×14 ft roomwith no windows, no fan and 4 full sized Hookha pipes going at one time.

Since Weight Loss Surgery (WLS) I get sick to my stomach easier and smells will set me off sometimes, I also dont have a lot of tolerence for smoke since I dont smoke and haven’t been going to bars much these days, not being able to drink.

We stayed about an hour and then Alex decided I was starting to look too sick to stay and took me home, I was so woozy when we left that he had to drive.

Mind you I do think Hookha Pipes look amazing so I did this Art Journal entry in 8×8 inch journal

Hookha Art Journal Page

Hookha Art Journal Page


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