My new 8x8in art journal

Early this year at Crafter’s Warehouse I got an 8×8 inch lucite “book”, it was two 8×8 inch 1/4 inch thick sheets of clear lucite with 2 holes in them to put rings in so you can make a book.

I have art journaled before but it was always scattered in altered books i was playing with and once something was in the book it was very difficult to move it around so I decided to play with this idea.

I got 3 inch clasp rings and began making art journal pages on cardstock and on paper that was then put on card stock, each page is at least 2 sheets of card stock thick since I do each page seperately and then glue them together, this way I dont accidently mess up a page I have done a lot of work on, it also allows me to wait to put pages together til I know what order I want them in.

The great thing about the clasp rings is I can move pages around and make the book quite thick, I can also change textures of pages and use unusual mediums much more easily.

Here are the first 14 pages

Cover of the 8x8 Art Journal

1st page of the 8x8 art journal

Mistakes I have made in the past

Sagittarius not so much


I finally found

He has my heart in his hand

Map to my heart

Post knee replacement goal 1

Post Knee replacement goal 2

Mae west zentangle with bats



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