I haven’t blogged in a while so I think if I am going to keep this website I need to make it worth my while by actually using it, otherwise I might as well let it go and use myspace blogs. Though at the rate that myspace is screwing up my stuff I don’t want to waste my time with it. One of these days I might have to back up my old blogs on this site, but man what a lot of effort.

Things are going amazingly well for me right now, my boyfriend Alex is moving in this month and I am losing weight very fast, but that doesn’t mean that there is not stress galore in my life right now as well.

The apartment complex wants $500 for a deposit for Alex to move in, which is pretty fucking ridiculous if you ask me when I have lived there over 5 years with only one bit of damage. Chances are it is due to the fact that when I moved in I only paid $99 for a deposit on special as much as it is due to Alex not having any credit (their excuse).

We are applying for loans and his current bank, Mountain West, has been complete asses about it, even with a very stable job, a high credit co-signer and having been a member over 3 years they denied him. My credit union is being great, unlike Mnt West which took 5 days to get back to us mine has promised to get back to me by noon the next day at the latest.

I only have one small outstanding debt of $155 and it hasn’t gone to collections yet so it should be fine. I intend to use part of the loan to pay it off. Alex will pay off the $500 part and I will cover the part I get for my debt.

If we don’t get the loan we will have to borrow a few hundred here and there by the 31st (6 more days) since I have to sign my lease by then.

It sucks that we are going through this but in a way I am glad, I know that with all the hoops Alex is going through to move in with me no one can think he is moving in just to save rent.


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