A good man

So I once made a list of what I wanted in a man, and after a very bad relationship I burned it, but the things that stick in my mind are the things that I have found.
Alex is so many adjectives that it is easier to just list them.

Honest, sweet, smart, a nerd (YEAH) he games we have many of the same friends and he likes my friends and they like him, I like his friends and they seem to like me.  He is loving, affectionate, a toucher, giving, caring, hard working, responsible, and a very good kisser,  oh yeah and sexy … did I mention long hair, beautiful eyes and much taller than me?

Did I mention the best part? He loves me for who I am, his family thinks I am pretty nifty and I adore them and I am HAPPY.

Here is the weird part, I TRUST HIM, when he does not call I do not fill my mind with doubt and anxiety I tell myself he is busy, late at work or sleeping and without fail I soon get a call with an honest and heartfelt apology for working late. I don’t trust easily and after my last ex it is no surprise, but with Alex it is nearly impossible to not trust him, he is my Jonah (if you have seen Dakota Skye you get it – hi Izzy)

He makes me want to take better care of myself, to treat myself the way he treats me, with love and respect, he makes me determined to go through my surgery and get better as fast as I can.

This is the best thing I can say about him….. Alex is a GOOD MAN

One thought on “A good man

  1. hinsel says:

    Thats so awesome T! The last paragraph there about how he makes you want to take better care of YOU says it all. Don’t lose that confidence!! 😀

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