Working in public (at the bar)

for some reason I just can’t sit still, which considering I have arthritis and can no longer walk all over the place like I use to when I went out I now have to be doing something art based with my hands.  I can work and talk and visit with my friends and so I carry at all times art supplies and fixings for ATCs and my medium size art journal.

Here is two pieces I did this week while hanging out at a local bar called Mulligan’s, since I dont drink much and am most often the Designated Driver I have no problem doing the work and since Mulligan’s is well lit it is a good place to work.

Mae west with bats

Mae West photo in Bat costume with paper bats and zen doodle clouds


half done mae west page

Half finished page w/ Mae West Rose photo and drawings


And me actually getting some work done

me drawing March 5th at mulligans

Working in my art journal at Mulligan's pub March 5th 2010


3 thoughts on “Working in public (at the bar)

  1. Lindsay says:

    Lovely pic of you. And, I love the dark hair with red/pink highlights 🙂

    Gorgeous artwork too!

    I used to follow your original *blogger* blog but now follow you on Twitter.

    Lins x UK

  2. Erica says:

    I love your Mae West pages! I cannot wait to see what they look like when they are completed! Btw, I’m sorry you have arthritis! I have fibromyalgia, which also sucks. Bummer.

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