Makes Me Smile #7 – HAIR DYE

I think my hair is brown.

That is I am pretty sure it is a rather dark basic brown but to be honest I have not seen more than an inch or so of it in YEARS. In fact my hair has been dyed for probably most of the last 27 years one color or another, in fact often more than one color at a time.

When I was born my hair was bleach white like pretty much every child in my family, as a child I was a blond like my mother and as I aged it got darker and darker til now it is a very very dark brown…I think.

I always say I will let it grow out, dye it a dark brown and let it go so that I can have nice fresh undamaged hair… then I get bored, upset, depressed or just manic and BAM… a different color.

My hair has been pretty much every color though I definitely lean towards red tones, burgundy, mahogany, auburn, Vampire Red, Hot Pink and one or two other Manic Panic red based colors. It has been bleached white and dyed blue black (neither of which compliments me at all)

Right now my hair is a very dark mahogany brown with small streaks bleached in around the face and dyed Hot Pink Manic Panic (a very dark pink actually)

Somehow doing my hair, changing something simple lifts my spirits and gives me something smile about


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