Makes me Smile #6 – Fun March Holidays

People claim that March is a boring month but aside from St. Patricks Day and Easter this year March is also:

Humorists are Artists Month
International Mirth Month
National Craft Month
National Noodle Month
National On-Hold Month

In March you can celebrate:

Return the Borrowed Books Week (1-7)
National Procrastination Week (2-8)
National Art Week (4th Week)
National Bubble Week (19-25)
National Clutter Awareness Week (19-25)
National Second-Hand Shopping Week (19-25)

Did I mention that in March you can Celebrate:

National Pig Day – 1
What if Cats and Dogs Had Opposable Thumbs Day – 3
Stop Bad Service Day – 7
Uppity Women Day – 8
Panic Day – 9
National Buzzard Day – 18
Near Miss Day – 23
National Make Up Your Own Holiday Day – 26
National Bunson Burner Day – 31

Sorry this stuff makes me Smile and laugh to think someone, probably a bunch of someones came up with all this and more and got it made somehow official…

For more fun check out:


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