Makes Me Smile #2 – My Bed and Bedding

There are a lot of reasons that despite being pretty damn poor I am spoiled rotten, one of which is my bed and bedding.

Personally I think it is a very sexy bed.

For years I had either very old or very cheaply made mattress/boxspring sets and when you are my size you need support to make sleeping at all comfortable. My bed has a frame designed to take 2000 pounds of pressure and a nice pillow top, one of the few other things I have invested some money into (on sale of course) is my bedding.

I have jersey sheet sets in Burgundy, Blue and Black as well as these two wonderful body pillows that are covered in short very soft faux fur (tan and cream colored) and an amazing black comforter that is furry on one side (keeps you so warm) and silky smooth cotton on the other side which is so much cooler against your skin, it is like a fluffy black cloud. I also have a couple of polar fleece blankets that are so soft it is amazing.

My bed frame is just the right height for me having been cut down and is made of sturdy hard wood with wrought iron scroll work in the headboard.

I love to curl up in my room and just relax and considering I like sleeping and have to rest 3 or 4 times a day at least my bed really does make me smile.


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