A week of Altered book/art journal work

I have been doing a lot of Art Trading cards lately, I love them but the Atlas I am altering as an Art Journal for my upcoming weight loss surgery needs to be caught up by April 26th when I go in the hospital so I can deal with adding things that are new not putting in stuff that tells how I got to the point of doing the surgery.

I am putting in a series of printed off calendars that I am doing Zentangle doodles all over in pale and neon colors of gel pen with plenty of blank spaces so that I can still write the info I need about what is happening to me this year, I am starting in Feb and doing 11 of them all different.  I will add a couple months at a time since the atlas is big enough to hold two of the full page calendars per page.

Part of the problem I am running into is learning to think on a bigger scale, the Atlas which is hard bound is 15×11.5 inches and weighs about 4.9 Lbs unaltered so anytime i want to do art for it when I am out and about (bookstores, coffee shops, bars) which is pretty much all the time, I need to carry around much bigger paper so I can think of the project on a larger term as well as combining smaller pieces into a coherent page.

Hopefully I will have some pages photographed and up here soon.


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